Frequently Asked Questions

01 – Does it cost to register?

No. The contest is FREE to join

02 – Does it matter where I live?

As long as you can make it on time to all the scheduled rehearsals and performances, you are welcome to join. That being said, it may not be practical for most people living outside of the Greater Toronto Area and certainly not for people living outside of southwestern Ontario.

03- Is there an age limit?

Our Juvenile category is open to children aged 10 to 15 but younger children may be considered if they show exceptional talent and the level of maturity deemed necessary to compete in this contest.
The Adult category is open to singers aged 16 & up.

04 – Can I still apply if I have my own CD or have been featured on someone else’s CD?

As long as you have never recorded a full length, solo CD which was released by a
record label, you are welcome to join.

05 – Who is John Santos?

John is the founder & musical director of the contest. He has been a professional
musician all his life, performing with his wife Lisa (“Duo Santos”) for the last 27 years.
See more here 

06 – What kind of professional training do you provide?

We are proud to have former Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner as our official performance coach. We have witnessed Zack transform shy contestants with little voices into true performers who can command the stage not only with new found confidence but with new found voices, unbridled by the previous constraints that they werenʼt even aware existed.

We are also proud to have Stephanie Tavares, an artist in her own right and a graduate of the musical program at Humber College. Stephanie is our vocal coach. Her technique may be a little more conservative than Zackʼs but she also inspires genuine transformations in her students.

During their appointed qualifying rounds, contestants get a weekly review of their

progress with the song they are working on for that particular round. Zack and Stephanie will be there on alternate weeks. John & Lisa are there each week. See more here

07 – What makes you different from other contests?

We donʼt eliminate contestants. Once they pass the audition, contestants generally get 2 or 3 chances to qualify for the semis and then if they advance, they get 2 chances to qualify for the Finals. Also, you can sing in any language!

08 – What is my commitment as a contestant?

We need you to be able to commit to the schedule. If you are a student, please consider whether or not you will be able to keep up with your studies if you join the contest. If you work different shifts, consider whether or not you can guarantee being able to make your scheduled rehearsals and qualifying rounds. If you are in a play, make sure the rehearsal and performance dates donʼt conflict with ours. A lot of work goes in to preparing the contest, each qualifying round and each contestant. We limit the number of contestants entering the contest because we cannot have more than 20 contestants in each qualifying round. When someone decides to drop out last minute
because of scheduling conflicts, their position cannot always be filled. That means you are taking away someone elseʼs opportunity to participate. When you do not respect our time and schedule, there is a ripple effect which disrupts the other contestants as well. It just comes down to common courtesy.

09 – What happens if I can’t make an event?

It depends on the reason but you must notify John right away by calling 416-453-5646. An e-mail will not be considered suitable notice. If there is an emergency, we will do our best to reschedule you. If it is because you forgot about another commitment you had, you will not be asked back. We give you the schedule for you to review to ensure that there are no “double-bookings”.

10 – What happens if I make it to the Semifinals?​

Once a contestant makes it to the semifinals, they will be required to renew their commitment to the contest, both in terms of time and in terms of giving us the freedom to help develop your talent. Finalists must be prepared for a further commitment of time which cannot always be scheduled in advance. They will have to go into studio to record a song for the compilation CD. There will be promotional events that they are obligated to attend. They must attend an expenses-paid weekend getaway (family members included) where they will prepare for the finals as well as perform for an outside audience. They may be approached by the contest and its affiliates to discuss management agreements and/or distribution deals.

11 – What happens if I make it to the Semifinals?​

The first prize in each category is a professionally recorded CD (8 songs) from MidiTech Studios. The 2nd place Adult wins a trip for 2 to Portugal from SATA Airlines.
The 2nd place Juvenile wins a week-long vacation for a family of 4 at The Agia Maria Inn & Resort in Minden, Ontario. Finalists also win a weekend getaway to the same location. There are many other prizes available to contestants and audience members alike. Prizes listed are subject to change.